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FASCINATION WITH LASERS – the multifaceted power of light

Precision finishing of materials by means of “light” started half a century ago (first laser in 1961), but this process still exerts a great fascination on the observer as well as the user.

Our enthusiasm for the precision of laser technology and its versatile applications is what led us to the successful start-up of LILA more than two decades ago. Now – more than twenty years of experience later – this initial excitement about laser technology has been transformed into competent knowledge, fine craftsmanship and a sure sense for what is possible.

Our dedicated, experienced and highly qualified team of engineers, technicians and precision mechanics constantly sets new standards to master our customers’ requirements in various sectors quickly, accurately and reliably, with top quality and flying colours.

Setting new impulses – with state-of-the-art laser technology

Laser welding, cutting, or drilling – with twenty-five high-performance Nd:YAG solid state laser systems and our extensive know-how, we not only cover an extensive and innovatively developed service spectrum, we also fulfil the toughest demands – and we do all of this for custom-tailored orders.


Our partners - international network of experts

FELASTEC GMBH, Switzerland

The Laser X Perts Pty Ltd, Australia

RJ Lasertechnik GmbH, Germany


LILA Precision Laser Processing