Accurate & precise contours

Analogous to precision laser cutting, laser drilling is also a thermal removal process in which the material is melted and evaporated. At the same time, the resulting pressure efficiently and accurately flings the material out of the borehole.
And: the processable materials correspond to those for precision laser cutting.

Accurate drilling

even in places that are hard to reach

Laser drilling also guarantees contactless drilling without applying any force to the work piece. Thanks to narrow, focusable laser beams, precision drilling ensures exact results even in places that are hard to reach. Precision laser drilling enables accurate drill holes with customized fits and precise contours – and all of this with an extremely low heat influence.
Almost any drill angle is possible – even in the toughest materials and 3D work pieces.

Depending on the hole diameter, laser drilling efficiently utilizes two different techniques:


With this technique, the holes are drilled by means of a rapid succession of individual laser pulses. Percussion drilling is especially suitable for drilling holes with diameters from 20µm to 800µm.


If the drilled holes have much larger diameters – i.e. >800µm to approx. 5 mm – than the laser beam diameter itself, the trepanning method is applied. This uses the same principle as a laser cutting process. After puncturing the centre of the drill hole, the laser beam is guided to the outer contour of the hole, and from there it cuts the required shape along the perimeter of the drill hole. This process enables drill holes with positive and negative tapering of up to 25 degrees to the surface. And: the positive features of laser cutting equally apply to laser drilling.

Precision laser

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